Monday, March 8, 2010

Built In Cooler & The Best Movie Ever!

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Lincoln MKT

“Baby screens!!!” they squealed.

Who knew that built-in, window sun screens would be such an attractive vehicle feature to the four year old set?

They went up, they went down.

[They went up and down again and again and again.]

I worried that all the up and down action would break the sun shades and I’d be the proud owner of a brand new concept car.

A nice man from Charlotte brought the keys to the Lincoln MKT to my office on a Tuesday afternoon.

My colleague and I took it for an immediate spin around a nearby college campus.

It was a pretty nice ride, I must say.

The MKT has six, plush bucket seats and for the week I test drove it, I tried to pay back all the car-pooling good karma I owed around town.

When I picked up my daughter and her school friend they led the exploration of the vehicles finer features.

As it turned out, the built-in sun shades weren’t the penultimate MKT feature.

My daughter and her friend must have touched every inch of the car’s interior and when they lifted up the arm rest between them in the middle seat, they discovered four year old nirvana.

A built-in, refrigerated cooler.

They then spent an hour discussing the finer points of stocking built-in vehicle coolers, (as if they were experts on the subject), offering their opinions on everything from juice boxes to string cheese to yogurt to go.

If I owned a Lincoln MKT, I am certain there would be some heavy-duty back-seat picnicking because these girls had it all figured out.

I drove the car for a week and I really enjoyed it.

It had an amazing array of luxuries built-in –satellite radio, GPS, leather seats, two sun roofs… and something I’d never seen before...

When the car was in reverse, a digital image of the area behind the car showed up on the dashboard.

[My kids thought this was a great movie for some reason. They never tired of it!]

I thought the MKT took a station wagon, an SUV and a mini-van and turned the best features of each into something new, something better than any one of the others on its own.

My kids loved the car and called it, “The FUN Car.”

It helped that the enormous front grill made the vehicle look like a character from the movie “Cars.”

The kids were sad on the day the car had to go back to the dealer.

We actually had to have a little ritual moment of saying goodbye.

Perhaps the comment best expresses how nice the car was came from my friend’s husband.

He’s never been much of a fan of blogs, bloggers or blog reading, but when he saw the Lincoln MKT, he turned to his wife and said,

“You should start a blog.”

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