Thursday, April 1, 2010

Memories of Taste and Smell

This is a compensated review by BlogHer and Werther's.

The taste of rich, butter cream caramel makes me believe for a moment that I am Catherine rushing across the windswept moor searching for Heathcliff.

[Don't ask me what happens when I eat a peppermint patties.]

I think the Wuthering Heights / caramel association must come from spending my senior year of college in England.

I was in Yorkshire at The University of Leeds and kind of miserable.

I missed my family more than I thought I would, I missed my college boyfriend and I was generally too loud and too American to make friends easily.

There is solace in butter cream caramel eaten in the boggy heather fields.


These days, I try not to use food as an antidote for the blues because, in the end, gaining weight only ever made me bluer.

Trying to balance a sweet tooth and a healthy diet isn't easy.

I'm kind of a slave to vanilla yogurts and fudgecicles and am always on the lookout for sweet treats that won't pack on the pounds.

Werther's recently sent me a vast sampling of their sugar-free caramels and, when they arrived, I eagerly ripped the bag open.

There were a variety of flavors other than the original like caramel mint, caramel coffee and caramel cinnamon.

These were interesting, but I found myself longing for caramel in it's purest, simplest form.

The original flavor caramels were good, though let's be real, they weren't AS good as a wad of real sugar and butter cream, but they did put me in mind of the windswept moors of northern England.

At least a little bit.

Which is close enough because my Catherine is older now and no longer runs across the windswept heath.

[I could break a cankle doing that!]

I would like to also note that I conducted my Werther's taste test for after the children went to bed because I didn't want to temp them after they had brushed their teeth.

Unfortunately, after I had eaten eleventy million Werther's sugar free candies, The Mayor called me to his bedside.

"What do you smell like?" he asked me once I was near him.

"Nothing, why?" I said.

[Deny everything!]

He pulled my head towards his face and gave me a good sniffing.

"You smell sweet," he said.

"Really? Sweet?" I said.

"Uh-huh. Like a ham. A sweet, glazed ham."

Say it with me now.

Oh. The. Joys.

What is the funniest thing your child ever said you smelled like and what do you think of Werther's sugar free candies?

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